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Sheet metal fabrication provides the houses and buildings we see everyday with functional qualities and architectural design. Shaping a beautiful building into form requires a material like sheet metal fabrication that also gives it many functional qualities. The demand for both architectural style and a material that withstands the outdoor elements requires sheet metal fabrication.

Sheet Metal Fabrication adds Function and Style

Whatever type of roof your building has, it will require sheet metal fabrication to keep water from running into places it shouldn't be. There are many parts of the roof and building that require sheet metal to prevent water damage. Some of these products include; gutters, counter-flashing, copings, down spouts, drops along with others. All these metal fabrications provide a unique function to the building, which is to usually keep water from entering the building.

A good sheet metal fabrication company will also blend style and design into their products. If you are a contractor or supplier there will be a need for custom colors and designs. Customization calls for a wide variety of colors and materials which a good sheet metal fabrication company can provide.

If you are a contractor then you know how important it is to have the right sheet metal fabrication company that you can rely on. Related Metals can help contractors and suppliers with a wide variety of colors and materials that are available.

Maximum sheet size 4'x10' or cut to any size

Color Chart Related Metals

We have a variety of metals available including:

  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Steel
  • Painted
  • Copper

Our selection of colored sheet metal fabrication includes:

  • Bone white
  • Almond
  • Terra cotta
  • Sky Blue
  • Tropical patina
  • along with others which includes custom colors

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